Project: Van Segmentation Study: Phase 1

Reference: FLD101M

Last update: 08/02/2010 16:08:09


1. To better define target groups among van users/van drivers, to whom DfT can address messages about saving money by using less fuel;
2. To investigate for each group: what are the priorities for behaviour change (from a CO2 reduction perspective), what messages are most likely to support change and what communication channels will prove most effective?


Prior to the launch of the Van Best Practice programme, connections were identified and established with some of the leading stakeholders in the van sector, including managers of the largest van fleets, major van lease and van hire companies, leading manufacturers, and the principal trade bodies. Following the launch of the Van Best Practice programme, many other stakeholders have come forward and expressed an interest in becoming supporters of the programme. As a result, the programme has been able to reach a significant proportion of the van fleet in a relatively short time.

However, there is shared recognition that this is a complex and diverse sector, and that a different approach will be needed to get Best Practice messages to that half of the van fleet operated by sole traders or micro businesses.

The proposed research aims to provide a solid, practically focused evidence base for this next phase of communication.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £68,294.00

Actual start date: 11 January 2010

Expected completion date: 31 March 2010