Project: Customer Expectations of Service Standards

Reference: CESS08

Last update: 10/02/2009 17:09:26


- To review current service standards and metrics in place across SSDL Group core services provided by DSA, DVLA, GCDA, VCA and VOSA (extended to include HA and MCA)

- To understand the customer's expectations concerning service standards for these core services, customer's expected delivery lead times, response times etc.

- To understand if and how expectations vary by service delivery channel (call centre, email/online and face to face)

- To priorise the key measures that are important to the customer and identify any gaps or ammendments


- Phase 1 - Qualitative - Agencies and Context

- Phase 2 - Quantitative - Customer Survey

- Phase 3 - Implementation Workshops


ORC International
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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £43,944.00

Actual start date: 10 September 2007

Actual completion date: 21 October 2008

Summary of results

  1. - Customers do not differentiate between type of transaction or agency; they consistently expect responses in order of swiftness to be:

    Face to Face

    - Customers are discerning with regarsd immediacy - allowing up to twice as much time for face to face interactions than e-mail

    - Commercial customers almost always have higher expectations than public. Within that, HGV/PSV expectations are higher than those of vehicle handlers, than those of driver trainers