Project: Virtual testing: Parallel Exercise on Simulation and Physical Test

Reference: S0604/V1

Last update: 19/12/2008 17:37:23


Demonstrate the capability of simulation software to function in a regulatory environment. Providing information to support policy decisions on the use of computer simulation techniques in vehicle construction legislation.

Provide the UK Type Approval Authority (VCA) with experience / information regarding the use of computer simulation in demonstrating compliance with legislative requirements


The project tasks are:

. To indicate how computer simulation can be applied within the European legislative framework.
. To identify process controls to ensure reliable simulations in a regulatory environment. In this context, the description 'reliable' means "independent of the simulation supplier".
. To indicate the confidence level that simulation can provide.
. To identify procedures for evaluating computer simulations


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+44 (0)207 636 1531

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £38,508.00

Actual start date: 02 August 2006

Actual completion date: 02 February 2007