Project: Occlusion method for the assessment of in vehicle information systems

Reference: S0428/V6

Last update: 18/12/2008 10:19:57


The key objective of this project was to address the issues required to establish an effective Occlusion methodology for the assessment of In-Vehicle Information Systems (IVIS).


This project will provide a tool which will allow researchers and designers to measure the impact that new in-vehicle devices have on the safety of driving. Following previous research on behalf of the DfT there is now an international standard for the Occlusion technique which can be used to measure the complexity of a task and the level of distraction that may occur when using in-vehicle systems. This project will now develop detailed steps for measurement and propose appropriate acceptable limits on visual demand


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £121,913.00

Actual start date: 01 June 2006

Actual completion date: 31 August 2007


Occlusion protocol
Author: Horberry T, Stevens A, Cotter S, Robbins R, and Burnett, G
Publication date: 29/08/2007

Development of an Occlusion Protocol with Design Limits for Assessing Driver Visual Demand
Author: T Horberry, A Stevens, S Cotter, R Robbins and G Burnett
Publication date: 29/08/2007
Source: PPR 256

Departmental Assessment Status: This project succesfully developed a protocol for applying the Occlusion test procedure.