Project: Response 3 FP6 Project

Reference: S0425/V6

Last update: 17/12/2008 16:22:42


The objectives of this research are to build on the research of Response 2 to deliver a code of practice and statement of principles relating to the legal, liability and driver responsibility issues associated with the deployment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).


The RESPONSE 3 project has developed a Code of Practice for designing, developing and validating advanced driver support and active safety systems. In addition to outlining the Code of Practice, the paper will draw on the outcome of consultation within the automotive sector and with public authorities, and consider the role of the Code of Practice within the framework of legal, institutional and standardisation issues associated with the market introduction of ADAS, and the role of authorities in supporting the introduction of ADAS as a means of contributing to casualty reduction targets


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £36,545.00

Actual start date: 01 November 2004

Actual completion date: 31 October 2006


A code of practice for developing advanced driver assitance systems: final report on work in the RESPONSE 3 project
Author: Sally Cotter, Jena Hopkin and Keith Wood
Publication date: 23/11/2006

The institutional context for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: A code of practice for development
Author: Cotter S, Hopkin J, Stevens A, Burrows A, Kompfner P, Flament M
Publication date: 17/08/2006
Source: 2006 ITS World Congress Paper