Project: The Heavy Vehicle Crash Injury Study Phases 1 & 2

Reference: S0601/V7

Last update: 11/12/2008 12:50:38


The objectives of the project are:
. To examine and catalogue data from the detailed police files relating to fatal accidents and populate the existing database.

. To examine accidents involving HGVs, buses, coaches, minibuses and light vans and populate the commercial vehicle accident database. This work is titled the Truck Crash Injury Study (TCIS) and uses a similar approach as another Department study - The Co-operative Crash Injury Study (CCIS).

. To support responses to Parliamentary Questions and Ministerial queries by providing, as and when required, brief analyses of the above databases, giving information on specific accident types, e.g. accidents involving cyclists striking the side of an HGV, or accidents involving agricultural vehicles, recovery vehicles etc.

. To provide an analysis of the databases from the police files on fatal accidents and the TCIS, summarising content and current and future trends as the data sets develop.

. To provide an analysis of accidents of all severities involving "Other Motor Vehicles", with particular attention to accidents involving agriculture vehicles, using Police Fatal files, STATS 19 data and press articles.


The aim of the project is to provide the Department with a sound data set, relating to vehicle damage and consequential injuries sustained in accidents involving commercial vehicles, which may be interrogated during other focussed research projects on these vehicle types. To achieve the aims of the project there are three core work programmes:

1. Truck Crash Injury Study (TCIS) - The TCIS collects in-depth information regarding fatal and non-fatal accidents involving heavy and light goods vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses.

2. Police Fatal Road Accident Reports - Police Fatal accident reports are one of the main sources of data for the HVCIS project. Retrospective analysis of police fatal accident reports where case vehicles were involved, is undertaken by means of coded forms completed by experienced accident researchers.

3. Press Cuttings relating to Agricultural Vehicle Accidents - This information is obtained through the collection of press cuttings and workshops on the safety issues surrounding the on-road use of agricultural vehicles.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £993,176.23

Actual start date: 31 March 2005

Expected completion date: 31 March 2010