Project: Developing a Segmentation model of public attitudes to climate change and travel choices

Reference: R257

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There are three objectives for this research;
- to develop a fully tested quantitative survey tool for use in the collection of data to underpin a robust segmentation of public attitudes to climate change and travel choices;
- To conduct high quality fieldwork to enable a comprehensive, robust and representative segmentation model of the population to be produced, and;
- To produce a full segmentation model based on public attitudes, motivations, psychographic variables and behaviours relevatn toclimate change and travel choices.


The purpose of the planned research will be to provide the Department for Transport (DfT) with a full segmentation model of public attitudes to climate change and travel choices. The planned project will develop a segmentation model that identifies and quantifies groups within the population that differ in terms of their emissions from personal transport use. This research will enable a better understanding of the attitudinal segments that exist within the population of England and Wales.
Segmentation of the population according to it's attitudes, motivations and barriers to travel behaviours and key psychographic variables e.g. values, beliefs, identity, habits, lifestyle and lifestage, will allow the Department to identify target groups amongst the public in relation to key travel-related behaviours. In turn this will enable DfT to better engage with specific groups and develop and target policies and communications more effectively in order to influence behavioural change in support of it's PSA objective, shared with DEFRA and BERR, to reduce the environmental impacts of transport.

The project will deliver:
- Inception Report: This output will present all development work conducted during the first stage. The report will also present the finalised questionnaire and associated survey materials for use in the segmentation fieldwork conducted to inform the segmentation development work.
- Interim Report: This report wil present the methodology and findings of survey fieldwork conducted to inform the segmentation development work.
- Final Report: This report will present the results of the segmentation analysis and the full segmentation model. The report will outline how the segmentation was developed from the survey findings including any follow-up research conducted to refine initial segments identified from the survey findings. Presentation of the segmentation model will include stand alone segment profile descriptions of each identified segment and information of the proportion of the population within each. The final report will include an executive summary of no more than three pages; detailed results/findings; analysis and conclusions; and a description of the methodology, approach and fieldwork materials.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £635,724.00

Actual start date: 01 April 2009

Actual completion date: 31 May 2011


Climate Change and Transport Choices: Segmentation Study - Interim Report
Author: Alex Thornton, Karen Bunt, Douglas Dalziel, Aline Simon
Publication date: 07/12/2010
Source: Department for Transport
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