Project: Review of highways assignments modelling techniques

Reference: R231

Last update: 14/08/2013 09:41:03


The objectives of this project are;
- To review current and foreseeable wider modelling requirements and policy analysis requirement to identify the functionality that highway assignment modelling needs to provide to meet them
- To review highway assignment packages currently available in the UK to determine the extent to which they provide the functionality required to meet current and forseeable wider modelling and policy analysis requirements
- To provide interim guidance ont he use of currently available assignmetn techniques to best meet wider modelling and policy analysis requirements
- To identify any gaps that may exist between assignment model capability and wider modelling and policy analysis requirements and a programme of research and development to address those gaps.


The project aims to deliver guidance on assignment modelling by January 2009. The need to address this topic comes from the fact that new techniques in assignment modelling have been developed which has not found its way into guidance. The guidance was last updated fifteen years ago and there is a need to bridge the gap between what is possible in assignment modelling and what is currently advised in the guidance.
To update guidance on highway assignment modelling to reflect current findings and best practice.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £80,000.00

Actual start date: 09 May 2008

Actual completion date: 13 August 2008