Project: NTM Recalculation - Sub Project 3

Reference: R130B

Last update: 14/08/2013 09:50:51


The objective is to maintain and enhance the ability of the Department to appraise the consequences of policy options.

To meet that objective, this project aims to update and improve the quality of the core modules of the NTM so as to:

1) take on board more recent data,

2) improve the accuracy of modelled responses, with particular emphasis on road pricing, and on reflecting variations in travel behaviour between different types of area - London, conurbations, other urban areas, rural.


This is part of a planned programme of regular but infrequent NTM updates - corresponding work is in progress updating and improving the freight model (R132), updating the demographic inputs (consultancy work - in progress), checking the car ownership model (in-house work) and updating the FORGE traffic database (planned).

The specific objectives of this contract are:
1) To recalibrate the demand model so as to reflect improved NTS data and up-to-date costs, including a wider range of parameters so as to reflect differences in travel behaviour - this will rectify a known problem with projected traffic growth rates in London;

2) To improve and report on the quality of the assignment of car traffic to the road network;

3) To set up interfaces between NMF and NTM so that data can be transferred between the two models;

4) To set up within NTM a new NMF-consistent process for modelling rail crowding.


W S Atkins & Partners
Consulting Engineers, The Cresent, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4XE
01823 353433

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £75,000.00

Expected start date: 01 February 2006

Expected completion date: 30 June 2007