Project: MEPLAN software update for NTMv3

Reference: R250

Last update: 14/08/2013 09:53:15


To update the MEPLAN software.


The project aims to update the NTMv3 to MEPLAN 5.1 and update the software to allow endogenous charging by link type. to provide support for any queries regarding the software for the first three months.
Output will be a new version of the MEPLAN TASA software. Upon receiving the software, some simplified tests will be carried out to chekc it is behaving correctly.


WSP Policy and Research
49-51 High Street, , Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 2HZ

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £37,460.00

Actual start date: 01 August 2008

Actual completion date: 31 December 2008