Project: Listening to the People: Review

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Last update: 04/11/2008 17:34:09


The primary objectives of the research are;
- to produce a full review and analysis of all the information available from a range of sources focussing on public attitudes to transport.
- to ensure that we make best use of available research and statistical evidence relating to public attitudes, including both qualitative and quantitative sources.
- pull together existing information to provide an overview of customer perceptions of their end to end journeys - such as journeys using multiple modes of trnsport, or with more than one purpose.
- to identify evidence gaps that require further research and analysis to further understand customers' experiences of using the transport system.

More generally, the knowledge review needs to draw together what DfT already knows including the use of;
- existing transport mode base dsatisfaction surveys to draw out cross modal messages wherever possible.
- ad hoc work on specific modes and or specific policies.
- ecomomic work to the "trade-offs" people are willing to make
- information collected from other sources where it is possible to obtain this.


DfT has set out an agenda for engaging with stakeholders between now and 2009. This agenda highlights the importance of "listening to the people" in recognition of the fact that the real purpose of the transport system is to meet the needs of the end users.
The Department, it's agencies and bodies such as passenger focus have an extensive research and statistics programme which takes us a long way towards the objective of "listening to the people".
The review will ensure that DfT makes the best use of the available evidence relating to public attitudes, including both qualitative and quantitative sources. It will present a detailed overview of all the current, relevant knowledge and information on public attitudes to transport and to identify evidence gaps.
Reports, presentations and secondary analysis of all the existing infrmation.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £75,200.00

Actual start date: 13 February 2008

Actual completion date: 01 July 2008


Public attitudes to transport:: knowledge review of existing evidence
Author: Lyons, G et al
Publication date: 30/06/2008
Source: DfT web site