Project: Outline of single constraint transport model methodology to estimate employment movements

Reference: R218a

Last update: 14/08/2013 09:46:20


Relates to the ongoing development of (WEBs) guidance (labour productivity differentials research, usability review and a recent WEBs evidence seminar) and will feed into WebTAG unit on wider economic benefits. It will coomple and scrutinise different approaches to the estimation of employment movements with a view to develop some prescriptive guidance.


Several step by step methodologies outlining the process consultants have gone through to estimate employment movements using transport models. This will be used by the Department to assess the methodologies available. A possible extension could be for a consultant with relevant experience to develop a generic methodology for use in WEBs estimation.


MVA Consultancy
25th Floor, City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, M1 4BT

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £9,855.00

Expected start date: 08 October 2007

Expected completion date: 08 December 2007