Project: Wider Impacts Data Update

Reference: R255

Last update: 16/11/2010 15:23:49


Produce a consolidated and up to date economic data set.


Update the economic data for the Wider Impacts estimation and to develop an economic data set which can be used by all scheme appraisers.

Produce a data set.


WSP Policy and Research
49-51 High Street, , Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 2HZ

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £15,377.87

Actual start date: 30 October 2008

Actual completion date: 31 December 2008

Summary of results

  1. WSP provided dataset in line with specification requested.

Departmental Assessment Status: WSP provided the data specified in the contract. However, the Wider Impacts guidance was amended after the contract was set up. DfT therefore needed to undertake additional work to make the dataset fully compliant with the latest version of the guidance.