Project: Development of an evidence database to support and encourage the option generation process

Reference: R248

Last update: 25/11/2013 15:21:08


The project is intended to support and encourage the new option generation process being developed to support the implementation of TaSTS. The project is to provide evidence on the costs and impacts of transport schemes to help option generators assess and sift options, identifying those worth more detailed appraisal effort.


The output sought is an accessible and user-friendly database containing the costs and impacts of a wide range of transport and, where available, non-transport policy options. The database will be accompanied by appropriate guidance and documentation.
The overall objectives are to;
Assess the extent to which a database of evidence on the impact of policies would aid option generation and sifting for (i) regions, (ii) inter-urban networks and (iii) international gateways;
- develop options for presenting such evidence and;
- build a comprehensive "evidence database", with associated guidance on transferability and robustness


Atkins Highways and Transportation
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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £100,746.25

Actual start date: 17 September 2008

Actual completion date: 09 December 2008

Summary of results

  1. The project concluded that it is not feasible to combine the sources examined into one uniform database.

Departmental Assessment Status: It was concluded that development of a comprehensive database was not going to be feasible or desirable with changing policy needs. The contract included a break point after stage 2 for this event.