Project: Co-operative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems (CVIS) A Policy Perspective

Reference: S0706/V1

Last update: 08/03/2010 15:31:09


One of the objectives of CVIS is to define and test new systems for cooperative traffic and network monitoring for use both in vehicle and roadside equipment, to detect incidents instantly and anywhere. In the framework of the CVIS, the Deployment Enablers sub-project tasks are to look into the non-technical barriers to cooperative systems deployment. DfT have led a Work Package looking at the policy impacts and opportunities for CVIS (which was taken over by Nederlands in May 2009). The Department has also explored the legal, administrative, technical, institutional, implementation and public acceptance issues so that a balanced view is reached.


The future concept of communication between individual vehicles and the roadside infrastructure has the potential to bring about significant road safety and network efficiency benefits. Running alongside the DfT's earlier CVHS feasibility study to identify and quantify the extent of policy delivery benefit and to consider potential barriers, pitfalls and dis-benefits, we also committed to take part in the co-funded European Co-operative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems project (CVIS).

With CVIS, drivers can influence the traffic control system directly and get individual guidance with the quickest route to their destination. Speed limits and other road sign information, as well as warnings of approaching emergency vehicles and similar urgent messages will be sent wirelessly to the vehicle and displayed to the driver. To validate the project's results, CVIS technologies and applications will be tested at one or more test sites in seven European countries including the UK.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £40,063.00

Actual start date: 12 March 2000

Expected completion date: 30 June 2010


Guideline for Policy Makers: The Policy Impacts of CVIS
Author: Neil Hoose
Publication date: 01/05/2007
ISBN: FP6-2004-IST-4-027293-IP