Project: To automate the running of the National Modelling Framework (NMF) for version 4 of the National Transport Model (NTM).

Reference: R211

Last update: 14/08/2013 09:35:58


The specific objective is to automate the NMF so that if can be run as part of the NTM. A new crowding functionality will also be developed which will help pass information from one model to the next and allow the model to run iteratively.


As part of the National Transport Model (NTM) upgrade programme the National Rail Model needs to be replaced with the National Modelling Framework (NMF). The incorporation of the NMF within the NTM structure will complete the NTM modelling framework for version 4 of the model.


WSP Civils
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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £143,500.00

Actual start date: 01 July 2007

Expected completion date: 31 August 2008