Project: Understanding the Travel Aspirations Needs & Behaviour of Disabled People

Reference: R208

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The main aim of this research is to understand disabled people's travel needs, aspirations and behaviour(s). More detailed objectives are to:
1. Describe disabled people's current travel needs and behaviour(s)
2. Explore disabled people's experiences of using transport, now and in the past
3. Examine the transport aspirations of disabled people
4. Examine whether the Departments policies aimed at improving mobility and accessibility of disabled people are having an impact
5. Examine how transport acts as a barrier/enabler in access to jobs and 'key services'


The methodology is to conduct 45 qualitative interviews with a purposively selected range of disabled people. The project will add to, and compliment the evidence base on 'futures' work, sustainable travel, social inclusion/exclusion and accessibility. In addition, the project will be informed by and take forward recommendations from the 'Evidence base review of mobility: choices and barriers for different social groups' (R127).


National Centre for Social Research
35 Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0AX

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £100,000.00

Actual start date: 28 August 2007

Actual completion date: 01 October 2008


Travel behaviour, experiences and aspirations of disabled people
Author: National Centre for Social Research
Publication date: 28/10/2008
Source: DfT Website
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