Project: Fuel consumption vs payload

Reference: 4/14/9

Last update: 13/04/2007 15:28:06


. conduct fuel trials on five truck combinations at different load factors,
. to provide expert interpretation of the results in preparing the reports, and
. disseminate the results and recommendations to change operators attitudes to tare weight, engine power, part loads and 44 tonne operations.


A technical report and a consumer guide. The technical report will be published via the DfT website. The consumer guide will be delivered in word form with charts, diagrams and photographs suitable for the DfT to contract a designer and printer to produce a guide for dissemination through various ALSF projects to the aggregates sector and also through the Freight Best Practice programme. Significant press coverage is anticipated but depends on the contractor selected.


Aztec Media Services
Hilltop, Beech Hill, Hampshire, GU35 8BD

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £28,042.00

Actual start date: 30 August 2006

Expected completion date: 30 March 2009