Project: Global Sourcing and Logistics

Reference: LP 0507

Last update: 13/04/2007 14:47:36


To address the issue of offshore outsourcing from a total cost perspective, looking at the implications for individual firms as well as for the UK as a whole. To achieve this, four main objectives are proposed:
. To gain a better understanding of why and how companies make offshore outsourcing decisions
. To uncover the hidden costs and risks of offshore outsourcing
. To assess the environmental and infrastructural implications of offshore outsourcing for the UK
. To develop a model that can support offshore outsourcing decisions, based on a holistic analysis of the implications


The main deliverable of the project will be a model to enable companies to make better outsourcing decisions, by providing them with a complete picture of all the costs and risks involved.
This research will also provide insights for public policy in relation to the impact of global trade on the environment.


Cranfield University
The Cranfield Centre for Logistics and Transportation, Cranfield, Bedford, MK43 OAL
01234 751122

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £112,500.00

Actual start date: 01 February 2006

Actual completion date: 30 May 2007