Project: Wayfinding Research Using Satellite Navigaion to Improve Efficiency in the Road Freight Industry.

Reference: TAF 3.2

Last update: 13/04/2007 13:43:21


In vehicle satellite (GPS) systems for vehicle tracking and management are now well established in the freight market, however research has found that take up of satellite navigation systems by HGV operators tends to be low for a number of reasons:
. Systems can be expensive
. Vendors tend not to cater well to the lower end of the market with simple, stand alone systems
. Small operators often do not understand how navigation systems can benefit them.
. Software available may not be universally suitable

The quality of satellite navigation products (especially base maps) have improved considerably in recent years. Despite this, there is a great deal more that could be done to understand and then promote the benefits of these systems to HGV operators.

A practical before and after trial of wayfinding devices could provide an opportunity to quantify the benefits of these systems to this group, and could help guide the development of a future marketing and dissemination strategy.

This activity aims to test the benefits of and improve the take up of HGVs equipped and operating with GPS satellite navigation systems to minimise mileage run and improve road safety.


An Executive Summary of the main Report to help you find out more about the benefits SatNav systems can bring to your operation. Freight Best Practice conducted an eight week trial comparing 4 fleets before and after using SatNav.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £40,900.00

Actual start date: 01 July 2005

Actual completion date: 01 May 2006


Wayfinding Research Using Satellite Navigation to Improve Efficiency in the Road Freight Industry
Author: DfT- Freight Best Practice programme
Publication date: 01/06/2006
Source: Freight Best Practice programme
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