Project: Review of the UK Transport Innovation system for low carbon technologies

Reference: SRT 7/5/8

Last update: 17/12/2007 11:04:21


Task 1 - There should be a description of the basic principles of innovation systems. This should describe how they work, what the major aspects are of each stage, how policy instruments can influence them and the need for such policies. This should include examples of previous UK Government policies that have been designed to influence innovation and have succeeded, and any of note that have failed and why.

Task 2 - Using the full range of existing material on the subject, this should be an assessment of how a list of current Government and other policies affect the development of low carbon transport technologies in terms of scale of effect, what technologies it influences and at what stage of the innovation chain the greatest impact is felt. This should emphasise the point that technologies are not generally discrete entities one stage of the innovation chain, but a broad spectrum of technologies that will be at different stages of development.

Task 3 - The analysis completed as part of Task 2 will allow a study of how the existing spectrum of UK Government and other policies does not fully the counter market failures within the transport sector that prevent low carbon technologies reaching market most efficiently. This work should describe where and how support is concentrated for each of the technologies studied and where there are potential gaps in the process of pushing/pulling technologies through the innovation chain.

Task 4 - This Task should use the analysis from Tasks 2 and 3 to suggest what kind of further Government interventions, at all points across the innovation chain, could be developed to improve the prospects of low carbon technologies; for example to enhance the impact and scale of RD&D, to break down the market barriers associated with bringing such technologies to market, or to improve the uptake of closer to market technologies. The task should focus on the interventions needed to allow for the continued development of technologies that are not currently very close to market.


A report describing UK policies that have an effect on low carbon transport technology R&D, the gaps within these policies across the innovation chain, and possible broad policy areas that could be used to fill those gaps.


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Cost to the Department: £40,000.00

Actual start date: 09 October 2006

Actual completion date: 26 February 2007

Author: E4Tech
Publication date: 01/03/2007
Source: DfT Website
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  1. See Review Report.