Project: Directgov Motoring Awareness Tracking: Wave 2 Results

Reference: DMAT W2

Last update: 08/01/2007 12:55:01


The main objectives of the research were:

- Measure levels of awareness and use of Directgov Motoring amongst DVO Group target customers

- Measure use of specific DM transactions

- Measure users' satisfaction with the website

- Gauge potential use of the website by those that are currently unaware of it, or who have not used it before

-Monitor changes in these measurements over time


To meet the research objectives a question module was developed for inclusion within the BritishMarket Research Bureau's weekly face to face omnibus.

The second of the four omnibus waves was carried out during the week 12th to 18th October.


BMRB Direct
Saunders House, 53 The Mall, Ealing, W5 3TE

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £14,500.00

Actual start date: 12 October 2006

Actual completion date: 30 November 2006

Summary of results

  1. Key results are:
    . Awareness of Directgov amongst private motorists is 43%
    . Awareness of Directgov / Motoring amongst private motorists is 18%
    . Usage of Directgov / Motoring amongst private motorists is 16%
    . Satisfaction amongst those that had used Directgov Motoring is 89%

    The report also provides useful information on demographic profiles and attitudes of private motorist users and non-users of Directgov Motoring.

    An important insight arising from the research is that the customer journeys to Directgov and Directgov Motoring are usually quite separate. The typical journeys are:
    Search engine > Directgov Motoring
    Search engine > Directgov