Project: Impact of mobility centres on older and disabled motorists

Reference: R150

Last update: 22/03/2007 15:09:39


The project is to meet the Department's policy objective of improving the safety, security and accessibility of transport. It will meet the Mobility and Inclusion Unit's priority objective of enabling disabled and older people to make informed choices on personal mobility by developing and implementing strategies to deliver advice and information. The Mobility and Inclusion Unit plans to meeting this priority objective through:

. developing and monitoring funding of mobility centres throughout England,

. developing the MIU's own mobility centre (MAVIS) as a centre of excellence.

To monitor progress with this, the MIU needs to review recent surveys of the Forum of Mobility Centres and to continue to monitor the views of clients of the mobility centres, to ensure an equity of services across the country regardless of geographical location.


The project will provide an annual report on each of the following:
- satisfaction of customers with the services received at each of the seventeen mobility centres accredited by the Forum of Mobility Centres
- effects on mobility outcomes of attendance at each of the mobility centres
- summary reports giving the overall findings from across the mobility centres
- a summary report at the end of the four-year report, stating the main findings, changes over the period, to aid the Department monitor how its funding is being used


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £280,000.00

Actual start date: 02 March 2006

Expected completion date: 31 January 2010