Project: Private Motorists Survey 2005/06

Reference: PM05

Last update: 06/04/2006 15:37:25


- To measure private motorist satisfaction with key services provided by DVO Agencies, tracking changes since 2003
- To understand the possible reasons behind motorist dissatisfaction
- To identify the key drivers of satisfaction for private motorists and assess Agency performance on these
- To understand motorists' attitudes towards compliance and enforcement
- To measure likely take-up of new service delivery channels


- Telephone interviews were undertaken with 1,271 private motorists
- Fieldwork took place from Thursday 12th January to Friday 10th February 2006.


ORC International
Angel Corner House, 1 Islington High Street, London, N1 9AH
020 7675 1000

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £55,000.00

Actual start date: 01 November 2005

Actual completion date: 28 February 2006


Private Motorists Survey 2005/06
Author: ORC International
Publication date: 01/05/2006
Source: Published on the VOSA website
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Summary of results

  1. - There has been an increase in overall satisfaction with the quality of service received from the Department for Transport Agencies with 83% satisfied in 2005 compared to 68% in 2004 and 61% in 2003

    - Over nine in ten (92%) motorists who had purchased road tax and declared SORN were satisfied with the quality of service they received

    - 88% of motorists who had contacted the DVLA about a driving licence were satisfied with the quality of service

    - 86% of motorists who had contacted the DVLA about a logbook were satisfied with the quality of service

    - Over three quarters (76%) of all motorists with experience of the DVLA were satisfied with the ease of accessing information from the DVLA

    - 92% of motorists who had taken their vehicle for an MOT test in the last 12 months were satisfied with the quality of service they received

    - 39% of motorists were satisfied with the general standard of driving today, while 42% were dissatisfied

    - 27% of all private motorists were aware of the green label scheme for vehicles and 71% said that the level of carbon dioxide emissions would influence their choice of vehicle

    - 50% of motorists would find it useful to recieve a text message from the DVLA to remind them when their road tax is due

    - 75% would find it useful to have a reminder email from VOSA when their MOT test is due

    - 80% of motorists said they would be likely to use the internet to purchase road tax or declare SORN and 72% would be likely to apply for a driving licence via the internet