Project: Operators Survey 2005

Reference: OP05

Last update: 07/03/2006 13:49:37


- To measure Customer satisfaction with all relevant DVO agency services
-To track changes in comparison to 2003 and 2004
-To understand the key drivers of satisfaction with operator licensing, vehicle testing and enforcement
- To identify key areas of service delivery that require improvement

- To measure Customer satisfaction with experience at testing sites and roadside checks
- To track changes in comparison to 2003 and 2004
- To identify key areas of service delivery that require improvement
- To draw parallels between the views of DFPs and of Operators



- Telephone interviews with 700 HGV & PSV Operators (GB)

- Conducted among those responsible for fleet management

- Fieldwork: 7th - 30th September 2005

Drivers, Fitters and Presenters

-Testing' Survey: Face-to-Face interviews with 763 Drivers, Fitters and Presenters at Vehicle Test Stations (VOSA and Designated Premises). Fieldwork: 17th Aug - 21st Sept 2005

- 'Enforcement' Survey: Face-to-Face interviews with 734 DFPs at roadside checks. Fieldwork: 17th Aug - 7th Oct

As in previous years, interviews conducted in part before the test/check and in part after, when the test result was known


MORI (Market and Opinion Research International Ltd)
MORI House, 79-81 Borough Road, London, SE1 1FY
+44 (0)20 7347 3000

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £133,000.00

Actual start date: 01 March 2005

Actual completion date: 31 October 2005


2005 Report of Surveys: Operators & Drivers, Fitters and Presenters
Author: MORI
Publication date: 01/04/2006
To be published on the VOSA website
Source: To be published on the VOSA website
More information:

Summary of results

    - This year, satisfaction with operator licence administration has again markedly improved; 91% satisfied - versus 84% in 2004 and 78% in 2003

    - Contact with the DVLA relating to the checking of drivers' licence details is not well rated with 44% expressly dissatisfied. The main reasons are that: Operators 'could not get the required information', it 'takes too long to get through' or they 'could not get in touch with the right person'

    - The Post Office remains the primary means for renewing tax discs - and irrespective of the method, Operators are generally satisfied with the service received (87% compared to 82% in 2004)
    - Half of respondents (53%) say they would be likely to renew their road tax online

    - While 74% are satisfied with contact with the DVLA relating to logbooks, 24% are dissatisfied. The main reasons are: 'slow responses', 'inadequacy of automated telephone system' and the suggestion that 'records are not up-to-date'
    - Six in ten would amend or update their logbook online if this service were available

    - Overall satisfaction has remained stable at 77% (conpared to 79% in 2004). However there has been a large increase in those who are very satisfied with the overall testing service, increasing from 32% in 2003 to 39% in 2004 to 47% in 2005.

    - Large proportions of Operators cite some degree of problem in the availability (51%), quality (45%) or retention (35%) of experienced drivers
    - 24% are aware of Occupational Driver Appraisal, 20% are aware of Driver Quality Monitoring and 34% the EU Training Directive. Nearly one in three is dissatisfied with the information received from DSA on the Directive

    - Most Operators report having been personally stopped or (more often) that one of their drivers has been stopped in the last year. Around a quarter have had a VOSA on-site inspection
    - Overall satisfaction with enforcement procedures is 73% which is similar to last year (75%) - but the perceived merit of digital tachographs has fallen sharply (50% now see them as helping enforcement, against 67% in 2004)

    - This year, 46% of Operators say that the internet has an essential or important part in managing their fleet (up from 29% in 2003 and 36% in 2004)
    - Online O licensing self-service is particularly well received; 80% are satisfied with the process of amending O licences in this way - and only 3% dissatisfied


    - Overall satisfaction with testing is 93%
    - Overall satisfaction with time and distance taken to reach the test station is 96%
    - Overall satisfaction with booking the vehicle test is 87%
    - Overall satisfaction with the current vehicle test procedures & Administration is 91%
    - Most drivers (76%) do not know much about the EU Training Directive (for which trade magazines are the main source, if any). DSA information on the Directive is not particularly well regarded (49% satisfied) - and nor is VOSA's on the Working Time Directive (48% satisfied)
    - Drivers do not rate online activity as quite so important for their businesses as do Operators (33% vs 46% say it is important to essential), but their stated likelihood of transacting online (booking/paying for tests, finding out about new rules, or for test site / office searches) is creeping up
    - Like Operators, drivers tend to think that enforcement generally does not place an undue burden on Operators (64%) - and agree that it encourages better vehicle maintenance & road safety (92% for both)


    - Overall satisfaction with enforcement checks is 93%
    - Specific aspects of the test tend to be very well regarded: for example, professionalism with which the check was conducted (97% very/fairly satisfied), knowledge of staff (91%) and health & safety (89%) are widely praised
    - 78% consider VOSA is effective in identifying non-compliant vehicles & drivers
    - Drivers also continue to say that VOSA has the balance between advice & enforcement about right (75%) - but very often disagree that foreign & UK drivers receive the same treatment when driving in the UK (46%)
    - Take up of online transactions is typically around 25-35% of drivers very or fairly likely to book / pay for tests, buy tax discs, receive updates or information, or search for test sites / DVLA local offices online