Reference: R104

Last update: 03/05/2006 15:40:09


The main objective is to develop the current understanding of how accurately people can predict the complex or imprecisely defined charges they meet in everyday life and what implications this might have for their related behaviour and choices.

This project is expected to build on earlier findings from research into road pricing but also to fill a key gap in the evidence-base by developing and improving upon current understating of likely behavioural responses to pricing structures. It will also provide information as to the effects of possible pricing mechanisms on driver's behaviour that will be necessary for any future scheme development.

The result of this research will also inform the development of a survey instrument, which could feed into the Department's transport modelling processes and help calculate the effect of road-pricing scheme on travel behaviour.


This research will try to establish the evidence on key issues around structure such as the level of complexity that consumers would be able to deal with and how this influences behaviour.

Feasibility study of quantitative research, to feed data into current DfT modelling processes to model potential effects of road pricing schemes.


Institute for Transport Studies
University of Leeds, 38 University Road, Leeds, LS2 9JT
Tel: +44 (0)113 233 5325 / 5326

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £120,904.00

Actual start date: 03 March 2005

Expected completion date: 30 July 2007