Project: Design Standards for Home Zones

Reference: R149

Last update: 08/11/2005 12:21:09


To provide guidance on making Home Zones' street environment safer, convenient, accessible, acceptable and user friendly for all disabled people - with particualar interest in guidance on:
navigation along and across a Home Zone street
marking the entrance/exit to warn visually impaired people they are entering/leaving a Home Zone
spatial awareness
interaction with other road users includidng motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
perception of safety


The research will assess the safety of disabled people in Home Zones and recommend solutions to identified problems. Disabled people will be consulted throughout the fact finding and recommendation process. The research will draw on, where appropriate, the range of material and advice that is available from DPTAC and other sources such as the Department for Transport Mobility & Access Committee for Scotland, Transport Advisory Committee Northern Ireland, Scottish Executive and National Assembly for Wales.


JMU Access Partnership
RNIB Cymru , Trident Court, CARDIFF, CF24 5TD

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £100,623.00

Actual start date: 17 August 2005

Expected completion date: 01 October 2006