Project: Using Social Enterprise to Enhance the Sustainability of Rural Community Transport

Reference: R145

Last update: 28/06/2007 15:39:11


The aim of the research is to identify the most effective enterprise-based models of rural community transport schemes and to assess how best to promote these in a systematic manner.


The project will assess the approximate number of rural community transport schemes which use social enterprise approaches or could be described as fully fledged social enterprise.

It will categorise the social enterprise approaches used to define a number of identifiable models or approaches, assessing the approximate numbers in each group.

It will consider the potential for community transport schemes which do not use social enterprise approaches to do so, looking at the potential benefits of and barriers to this approach.

It will develop, cost and identify funding sources for a programme to increase the use of enterprise-based approaches in community transport to be implemented jointly by key sector stakeholders


Plunkett Foundation
The Quadrangle, Banbury Road, Oxford, OX20 1IH
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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £45,950.00

Actual start date: 02 October 2005

Actual completion date: 28 November 2006