Project: Freight Future - Issue 8

Reference: Autumn 2005

Last update: 26/10/2005 15:02:25


This is the Eights issue of Freight Best Ptactice's (formerly known as TransportEnergy BestPractice) six-monthly newsletter, Freight Future. It is published for the freight industry and sponsored by the Department for Transport.


After consulting and listening to the views of the freight industry, the DfT sponsored TransportEnergy BestPractice programme has been reorganised and renamed the Freight Best Practice programme in order to better promote our FREE services to you.

The Freight Best Practice programme provides authoritative, independent information and advice on the different ways to
improve freight fleet efficiency. The programme has also launched
a new website to help you keep ahead of the competition. The aims of Freight Best Practice are to save freight operators money and increase profits by improving operational efficiency. Have you made the most of the FREE guides, case studies,videos and CDs, available to help you save money? Yes FREE information and guidance - read on and share the experiences of other operators and change your operation for the better.


Faber Maunsell
Lynnfield House, Chrurch Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 4DZ
+ 44 (0)161 927 8397

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £29,925.00

Actual start date: 23 June 2005

Actual completion date: 08 September 2005


Freight Future 8
Author: Freight Best Practice programme
Publication date: 09/09/2005
Source: Freight Best Practice programme
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