Project: Warning Systems for Sensory Impaired People on Trains - Stage 2

Reference: UG533A

Last update: 24/10/2005 09:59:53


Stage One of this project showed that whilst the purpose of these regulations is correct, their interpretation in practice means that they are frequently not suitable or at least could be improved upon. Also, there were differences in opinion on the suitability and practicality of the specified 3 seconds duration (particularly for metro type services), with all parties agreeing that additional scientific work should be carried out in this area.
The objective of Stage Two is to scientifically establish the types of audible and visual warnings which would be most beneficial to hearing or visually impaired passengers while either inside and outside the train, for a range of ambient noise/ lighting conditions, without increasing levels of environmental nuisance or risk to personal safety and balancing the operational considerations of the rail services to which they apply.


Experimental work must include tests using the sounds that are currently specified within the European Commission's (draft) Technical Specification for Interoperability - Accessibility for People with Reduced Mobility.

The project should provide sufficient technical detail on the required amendments to the RVAR as part of the final report to inform draft regulations.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £147,680.00

Actual start date: 01 October 2005

Expected completion date: 30 December 2006