Project: Technology and Public Acceptability

Reference: R156

Last update: 30/10/2008 11:50:01


The aim of the project is to support policy makers in their decision-making on new transport technology use by providing fieldwork and analysis of public resistance to and acceptance of emerging transport-related technologies, as well as developing methodologies for research in this area. This supports DfT PSA targets across the board, as new technologies are playing an ever-increasingly important role in policy areas ranging from Road Pricing to Intelligent Transport Systems.

Evidence is needed to answer the following overarching questions:

. What are the central factors driving public resistance and acceptance of new transport technologies?

. How might policy makers and stakeholders ameliorate concerns?

. What are the most effective methodologies for researching public attitudes to transport technologies?


The project will identify and clarify the underlying factors driving public concern and discuss how policy makers and stakeholders might ameliorate such concern. Whilst the project will concentrate on a few illustrative technologies, it will aim to provide results that apply to transport technologies more generally.
It will also provide findings and recommendations on methodologies for researching public attitudes to transport technologies in the future.


Accent Marketing & Research
Gable House, 14-16 Turnham Green Terrace, London, W4 1QP

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £130,000.00

Actual start date: 31 March 2006

Expected completion date: 30 April 2007


Research on the public acceptability of new transport technologies
Author: Accent Marketing & Research
More information: http://infonet/rmd/project.asp?intProjectID=12131