Project: Freight Future - Issue 7

Reference: Spring 2005

Last update: 17/06/2005 14:16:08


This is the seventh issue of TransportEnergy BestPractice's six-monthly newsletter, Freight future. It is published for the freight industry and sponsored by the Department for Transport.


TransportEnergy BestPractice has produced a new pocket-sized guide that provides safety hints and tips for drivers.
The 'Safe driving tips' guide will help you to:
- reduce the potential of injury to yourself
- reduce the potential of injury to other road users
- reduce the number of accidents
- reduce congestion resulting from accidents
- save money

Business success depends on making the correct operational decisions. For example, can you improve your vehicle utilisation by making use of the spare capacity on the return leg of a delivery? A new good practice guide, 'Make back-loading work for
you', produced by TransportEnergy BestPractice, will help fleet mangers better understand these issues.

Due to popular demand, the TransportEnergy BestPractice guide,
'Computerised vehicle routing and scheduling (CVRS) for efficient
logistics', produced in September 2000, has been updated and
reprinted.A pocket-sized version has also been produced.

Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) are essential components of large supply chains.The efficient operation of RDCs requires the successful cooperation of a host of key players including:
- product suppliers
- RDC managers
- hauliers
- third party logistics providers
TransportEnergy BestPractice has produced a new guide 'Working together to improve operational efficiency of Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs)' to help those involved in RDCs to optimise
the efficiency of their operations.

A new leaflet, 'Making the swap to Demountables', from TransportEnergy BestPractice describes the different kinds of demountable body systems and provides guidance for fleet managers when evaluating the potential benefits of these systems. It includes case study examples describing how B&Q and John Lewis have benefited from using demountables.

TransportEnergy BestPractice has produced the 'Public sector goods vehicles operations' guide that outlines best practice for commercial vehicle operations in the public sector, such as local authorities, the NHS and the emergency services.

TransportEnergy BestPractice has produced an introductory 'Buyers guide to refrigerated transport equipment'.The leaflet is primarily for use by transport managers and freight operators who use
(or are planning to use) refrigerated transport equipment. It highlights the key considerations to take into account when
purchasing refrigerated transport equipment .


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Freight Future 7
Author: Freight Best Practice programme
Publication date: 31/03/2005
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