Project: Using the Criminal Justice System to Reduce Transport Crime

Reference: R111

Last update: 23/03/2007 15:40:17


Raise awareness of transport professionals of effective ways of using the existing legal system to reduce crime and the fear of crime in transport locations.
Raise the profile of transport crime within the legal system.


The project will:
Review literature to establish the availability use and difficulties with using the current "penalties" against those committing transport crime.
Talk to representative mix of transport planners operatorsindustry groups and British Transport Police to understand their requirements and views on the limitations of the system.
Review summarise and list examples of good practice in using provision in a transport context


Ms Julia Stafford
49 Falmouth Road, Bristol, BS7 8PX

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £63,545.00

Actual start date: 07 January 2005

Actual completion date: 31 March 2006


Using legal system to reduce crime and anti social behaviour on public transport
Author: DFT
Publication date: 19/12/2006
Source: DfT Website
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