Project: Freight Future - Issue 6

Reference: Autumn 2004

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This is the sixth issue of TransportEnergy BestPractice's six-monthly newsletter, Freight future.
It is published for the freight industry and sponsored by the Department for Transport.


Benefits Stacking Up
In February, an in-depth survey of 15 pallet network fleets was carried out over a 48-hour period. Each member companyprovided data on its individual collection and delivery fleets, and on trunking activity.The 183 vehicles monitored were all members of either Pall-ex, Palletline or The Pallet Network.
Bulking Up
Bulk tanks are used on road and rail to move both raw materials and processed goods for a wide range of industries.The importance of this area of the freight industry is recognised in a new TransportEnergy BestPractice report, 'Bulk Liquid and Powder Road Tanker, Rail Tank Wagon and Tank Container Operations'.
Groupage Delivers Benefits
Groupage deliveries make the best use of a single vehicle by carrying loads for a number of different customers within a similar geographical area, on the same journey.This not only makes the best use of vehicles and drivers, but fewer journeys also cut fuel and operating costs and produce less emissions.
Test Before You Invest
Before putting time and money into a new additive or technology for reducing fuel consumption, hauliers and fleet operators need reliable evidence that the investment will pay off.


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Freight Future Autumn 2004
Author: Freight Best Practice programme
Publication date: 07/09/2004
Source: Freight Best Practice programme
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