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The research will need to investigate following main objectives:

 The project should start with a review of the legal obligations, which exist both for the operators of transport services and for the deliverers of transport information services - particularly, but not exclusively, through the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.
 To assess the demand to make journeys by public transport by those disabled people who do not currently use travel information services, like traveline, to plan their journeys.
 To assess where there are gaps in the information that traveline provides; establish the extent of information that needs to be provided by travel information services; and examine how travel information should be provided if it is to enhance, encourage and give a satisfactory service to disabled enquirers.
 To assess those enquiries that would more effectively be handled by reference to a specialist travel organisation ( for example by Tripscope ) rather than a general travel information service like traveline or Transport Direct.


To identify how traveline and Transport Direct can fulfil the travel information needs of people with disability. Includes a review of the legal responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination act 1995.


Transport & Travel Research Ltd
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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £63,317.00

Actual start date: 14 July 2003

Actual completion date: 30 June 2004


Traveline & Transport Direct Disabilities Customer Research
Author: Transport and Travel Research
Publication date: 22/07/2004
Source: Transport Direct Website
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Summary of results

  1. The research identified issues surrounding the effective delivery of travel information to those with disabilities.