Project: Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA): Delivery of an Advanced Digital Map Platform for the UK Project

Reference: VSE-MM 4/16/26

Last update: 12/03/2008 11:08:23


The contract objectives are to:

* negotiate and conclude effective sub-contract arrangements with external organisations to facilitate the development of the Advanced Digital map Platform (AdmP);
* manage the work programme of the sub-contractors to deliver the software and hardware packages and sub-systems necessary to implement the ADmP on 25 in-vehicle units covering the main ISA car test fleet and prototypes plus three additional units for spares, and to adapt it for the HGV and motorcycle;
* support the implementation of ADmP within the test vehicles with supply of appropriate hardware to mount and interface the ISA C-DAS system to the Platform; and
* carry out further liaison with sub-contract organisations to refine, enhance and maintain the ADmP during the ISA fleet trials.


Vehicles being driven at inappropriate speed for the road or conditions are possibly more likely to be involved in injury accidents than those being driven at an appropriate speed. In many instances this 'speeding' is deliberate, but all too frequently, the driver may be unaware of the prevailing speed limit, the actual speed of their vehicle, or any 'hidden' risks which would dictate that their speed is inappropriate. The technology exists to automatically limit the speed of vehicles to the posted speed (or even the appropriate speed according to the road conditions). Such technology is known internationally as Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA).

The Department's current research project (S181A/VD) has identified the need for an advanced digital map platform to optimise the research. This contract will enable the contractors who are undertaking the research to procure access to a comprehensive speed limit database, map and location/mapping module.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £158,383.00

Actual start date: 01 July 2002

Actual completion date: 29 December 2006