Reference: UG541

Last update: 28/06/2007 15:22:06


The main objective of this project is as follows: -

 To identify sources and detail of information available on disabled drivers and adapted or converted vehicles
 To gather available information on disabled drivers, including numbers, types of disability, driving experience, adaptations used etc.
 To analyse the data and to produce a report, which can be used to inform those, involved in policy making.


The project will be carried out in two stages.

Stage one will be a scoping study looking at the feasibility of collecting and analysing data

To determine whether there is information available on the following issues relevant to disability and driving:

 Number of disabled drivers
 Types of disability
 Types and numbers of adaptations and conversions used
 Licence details ( e.g. codes, restrictions, duration )
 Driving experience
 Accident statistics
 Whether this information can be gathered and analysed by geographical location, age, gender and ethnic origin.
 To determine the methodology required for gathering and analysis of data.

Stage 2 will involve gathering and analysing the data

 To gather available information on disabled drivers and adapted and converted vehicles as described in phase one.
 To analyse the data and to produce a report of the findings,


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £123,600.00

Actual start date: 10 December 2003

Actual completion date: 24 January 2007