Project: Vehicle Road Tyre and Electronic Systems Interaction: VERTEC 2

Reference: S0132/VD

Last update: 12/03/2008 11:19:05


The main objectives of the project are to produce:

* an Integrated Simulation Environment suitable for transport safety investigation as well as time-to-market reduction, allowing a detailed representation of cars and trucks, electronic control systems, human driver and tyre-road interaction;
* an Improved Driving Simulator for cars and trucks. The simulator will be a full vehicle cabin with special motion systems reproducing the dynamics combined with screens reproducing the environment. Such a device can simulate in a very realistic way any driving task of both heavy and light vehicles in any environmental condition, thereby enabling safety investigations without any risk for the drivers;
* the Detection and Ranking of the most dangerous situations. In particular, the investigation will focus on the worst combination of environment, weather, road conditions and the interaction between driver and electronic control systems both in case of cars and trucks; and
* a Definition of Guidelines for improving the design of vehicles, roads (including their maintenance), tyres and electronic control systems from the point of view of primary safety.


The EC is currently working towards the challenging target of a reduction in road fatalities of 40% by the year 2010. Up to now the strategy has been predominantly focused on secondary safety. VERTEC 2 is a 5th framework project that aims to contribute to this EU objective by working on aspects of primary safety.

The aim of the project is increasing vehicle primary safety by developing a fully integrated model for the simulation of the road-tyre-vehicle-driver system in the most potentially dangerous situations.

This model will also be the base for the development of an Upgraded Driving Simulator. Special focus will be drawn to the most advanced Vehicle Electronic Control Systems and the representation of both Passenger Cars and Heavy Good Vehicles.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £71,051.00

Actual start date: 03 March 2003

Actual completion date: 24 November 2006


VERTEC - Final Report for the DfT
Author: TRL (M Dodd)
Source: Hard copy and electronic copy available