Project: Co-operative Crash Injury Study (CCIS) - Phase 7

Reference: S0218/VC

Last update: 23/12/2008 15:39:04


The Co-operative Crash Injury Study (CCIS) investigates and correlates car crash data, with a view to increasing the understanding of human injury mechanisms, and the effectiveness of car secondary safety systems.

This information is used to develop safer vehicles, which in turn will reduce the injury severity of accidents.

Information from the study is used to:

* aid understanding of car occupant injury mechanisms;
* support legislation to improve car occupant protection;
* provide information on vehicle crash-worthiness and safety devices;
* provide a mechanism to identify the needs for improved vehicle safety as changes take place;
* provide bio-mechanical information for researchers who are developing dummies;
* monitor the effectiveness of new safety systems and countermeasures; and
* provide advice in reply to ministerial and parliamentary questions, etc.


The Co-operative Crash Injury Study (CCIS) examines accident damaged cars in which the occupants have been injured, collecting and collating medical information from the occupants against the vehicle damage. Vehicle examinations include an assessment of the performance of the vehicle structure and whether it was a factor in the occupant injury. The information is then anonymised and entered into a database.

The research provides the baseline information, which underpins much of the secondary safety research programme carried out by the Department. Researchers, vehicle manufacturers and vehicle component suppliers use the database as a tool to help identify the mechanisms that cause occupant injury during an accident. Using this information new features can be incorporated into the design of new cars making them safer for occupants.

CCIS is a collaborative project, with the programme of research jointly funded by the Department, several motor vehicle manufacturers and a vehicle component supplier.

CCIS is a statistically significant sample of accidents within the UK. Currently, information on approximately 1300 vehicles is gathered each year for inclusion into the database and, as CCIS continues to evolve, the information it gathers is regularly reviewed to allow new technologies entering the market to be included into the database.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £2,250,000.00

Actual start date: 01 November 2002

Actual completion date: 31 January 2006