Project: OSCAR (Optimised expert system for conducting environmental assessment of urban road traffic)

Reference: UG575

Last update: 26/09/2007 15:13:29


To develop best practice guides for the determination of emission factors and real-world emission factors for slow speed urban driving conditions.


The project involves three main tasks
a) Measurement of road traffic characteristics: measurement of real world driving cycles for low speed or congested conditions and development of test cycles for these conditions
b) Estimation of emission factors and modelling: measurement of emissions from the above cycles using a chassis dynamometer to determine emission factors.
c) Development of Best Practice guides on the determination of emission factors and real world emissions.

There are a number of other smaller tasks in the other 8 work packages.


TRL Limited
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+44 (0)1344 773131

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £121,464.00

Actual start date: 19 September 2003

Actual completion date: 15 March 2006