Project: Freight Future - Issue 3

Reference: Spring 2003

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This is the third issue of Freight future, published by the Government's TransportEnergy Best Practice initiative. Freight Future is a six-monthly newsletter designed to give you up todate information and advice on issues relating to best practice in freight transport.


By implementing best practice in your operation you can "work smarter", improving operational efficiency, maximising profits and reducing environmental impact, all at the same time.
For example, see the article on page 4 about key performance indicators developed across a range of industry sectors, enabling you to benchmark your own performance with that of the competition.
Also highlighted are some of our new publications, produced to show how some operators have put best practice to good use in saving money and gaining competitive advantages.
We've also included a tear-off reply form for you to order best practice publications from our extensive list. Remember, all of these are completely free of charge and whatever your operation - large or small, own account or hire or reward - there's something here to help everyone run a more efficient and sustainable operation.
So, dive in and enjoy the benefits.


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Cost to the Department: £30,186.00

Actual start date: 13 January 2003

Actual completion date: 28 March 2003


Freight Future Spring 2003
Author: Freight Best Practice programme
Publication date: 28/03/2003
Source: Freight Best Practice programme
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