Project: Freight Future - Issue 2

Reference: Autumn 2002

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This is the second issue of Freight future. We hope you found the first issue a useful source of information and advice available to help you green your operation.
This second issue includes updates on all the latest initiatives funded by the Department for Transport and previews some of the projects planned for the future. We hope you'll find many of them directly relevant to you and encourage you to get in touch and register your interest.


Have you registered for a free fuel economy seminar yet? For more details see page 4 and contact one of the Fuel Economy Advisors Scheme partners whose details are on the back page. How about getting involved in one of the Key Performance Indicator surveys? Keeping data on the efficiency of your operation is something you no doubt do already, but comparing these figures with those of other companies can give you a valuable insight into how you measure up. If you think your sector would benefit from such a study, then let us know. We're always looking for examples of best practice. Are you about to start using a new driver training programme or telematics system? If you can provide data on how your efficiency has improved you could feature in one of our case studies. Your experience would then help others and the environment and net your company some publicity into the bargain! Remember that Freight future is here to provide you with ideas and information on how you can maximise your service levels and minimise your costs. Read on......and make the most of what's inside.


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Cost to the Department: £30,000.00

Actual start date: 01 August 2002

Actual completion date: 25 September 2002


Freight Future Autumn 2002
Author: Freight Best Practice
Publication date: 25/09/2002
Source: Freight Best Practice
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