Project: Review of Secondary Safety Priorities

Reference: S0316/VF

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The project objectives are to identify for the Department where best to deploy resources to improve the safety of all road users to deliver the greatest benefit. This should be measured in terms of the effective value of lives saved and injuries mitigated for the cost involved, taking in to account the likelihood of successful implementation and an assessment of any possible regulatory impacts. While the focus of this project is on secondary safety, there is a need to consider this against the wider background of potential safety measures that may contribute to reducing injury levels or modifying their pattern.


In 2001 in Great Britain, two-thirds of the road accident casualties were in cars or light goods vehicles. The occupants of these vehicles accounted for just over half of the fatalities and just under half of the seriously injured road accident casualties. The cost to society of these casualties was about £6.3 billion. To date, improvements in car safety have been identified as the single most effective way of reducing road accident casualties in Great Britain. In order to help the UK to meet its 2010 road accident casualty reduction targets and to provide further reductions beyond, the Department wishes to identify where future casualty savings can best be made. To provide the Department with the information required to identify and prioritise future actions it is necessary to undertake a general review of existing research and accident data to help identify the highest priority injuries and how they should be addressed.

This project is to review current and past data and research on accidents and injuries and use this information to propose where best to target resources to deliver further worthwhile casualty savings. This may include changes to existing measures or the introduction of new measures, regulatory or otherwise.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £337,000.00

Actual start date: 01 March 2004

Actual completion date: 24 July 2008


A Review of Secondary Safety Priorities
Author: Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute
Publication date: 01/02/2006

Summary of results

  1. This project identified issues for future consideration as
    Secondary Safety Priorities and 5 key areas where there is good potential for regulatory/design solutions for injury mitigation.