Project: Alternative Delivery Solutions - Nottingham Trial

Reference: FL0206

Last update: 14/08/2003 13:04:41


The objectives of this project are to:

Perform research into the use of alternative deliveries in Nottingham between October and December 2002, quantifying their environmental benefits

Analyse the preferences and travel behaviour of customers using the alternative delivery service (estimated to be 1000 customers a month)

Present the findings of this research together with Consignia's operational research in a report that is to be produced as a TransportEnergy Best Practice case study


This trial offers alternative delivery solutions for customers in a specific postcode area within the city. The options included in the trial are locker banks (parcels are delivered to a locker site specified by the customer) and local collect (parcels are delivered to the customer's local post office).

Consignia have already invested a significant amount in the infrastructure required to perform this trial, which started in July 2002 and is currently underway. This includes the installation of computer-secured locker banks in various locations in Nottingham including a supermarket and a hospital.
Project to start in Oct 2002 and finish by the end of September 2003.

This project will:

Collect customer preference data on the use of alternative delivery options during Consignia's trial in Nottingham from Oct to Dec 2002

Present this data and other results from the trial in the format of TransportEnergy Best Practice programme (TEBPp) Case Study


Royal Mail
c/o Spindlewood, West Road , Pointon, NG34 0NA

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £34,560.00

Actual start date: 29 October 2002

Expected completion date: 30 September 2003