Project: Expert Advice Helps Cut Fleet Costs - Denholm Industrial Services Ltd

Reference: GPCS 409

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This case study describes the findings that were made in each of these key areas as a result of the site audit and subsequent review. It also shows what benefits have been gained as a result of Nick and his team acting on the findings.


Nick Matthews, the Logistics Manager at Denholm Industrial Services, wanted to improve fleet operating efficiency. He attended a free seminar on 'Freight Transport Efficiency' in Somerset for expert advice and guidance. At the seminar Nick found that he could apply for a visit from an independent expert fuel economy advisor.

When the fuel economy advisor came to visit Nick at Denholm's Yeovil base their main concern was that the company had no direct cost comparisons on individual vehicle performance. Also, there was no monitoring system in place that was both accurate and simple to use; and there was no way to highlight best practice in vehicle operations.

Following a thorough audit of Denholm's operations and systems, the advisor was able to draw up a detailed action plan. This enabled Nick to a review Denholm's total transport operation focusing on a number of key areas:

1. Monitoring and targeting of vehicle mpg, mileage and fuel costs.
2. Vehicle utilisation.
3. Vehicle specification and payload performance.
4. Driver training


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £17,789.25

Actual start date: 01 May 2002

Actual completion date: 01 February 2003


Good Practice Case Study 409
Author: TransportEnergy Best Practice
Publication date: 17/02/2003
Source: TransportEnergy Best Practice
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Summary of results

  1. Denholm Industrial Services have shown that by installing simple management controls they have reduced vehicle mileage and improved MPG performance. By taking advantage of the help available from independent expert advisors, they have been able to develop and implement the most cost-effective measures to suit their operations.