Project: The Role of Transport in City Competitiveness

Reference: UG492

Last update: 19/08/2004 16:02:15


This project is the first stage of a more comprehensive project looking at the role of transport in city competitiveness. The objectives of this first stage are:

1. to provide the DfT and ODPM with a comprehensive understanding of existing evidence regarding the role of transport (including surface and non-surface modes) in city competitiveness courtesy of a full literature review
2. to identify areas where the evidence-base is weak, and the degree to which future research to address any weakness would feed into improved development or delivery of policy
3. to assess and compare the advantages and disadvantages of potential research methodologies appropriate for any suggested future research
4. to recommend the most suitable research methodologies for future projects commissioned to strengthen our understanding of the linkages between transport and city competitiveness and the role that Government policy can play
5. to highlight the feasibility and probable cost implications of taking forward research to fill any identified gaps using the suggested methodologies

Without this literature review and scoping report there is a danger that DfT may commission research that replicates existing evidence of which it was not aware, or adopt an unsuitable methodology for any such research.

The results will be applied by DfT and ODPM in order to establish whether there are current weaknesses in our understanding of the role that transport plays in city competitiveness, and by defining the most suitable methodologies for future research on this topic that DfT and ODPM may consider appropriate.


This research project will deliver a full literature review of the role that transport plays (covering surface and non-surface modes, accessibility within a city and inter-connectivity between cities) in city competitiveness. A scoping report will be produced to identify any areas where the evidence base is weak and suitable methodologies for future research to address these weaknesses. A presentation to DfT and ODPM officials, and to the Core Cities Working Group.


Brook House, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7HN

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £20,000.00

Actual start date: 18 November 2002

Actual completion date: 30 August 2003


The Role of Transport in City Competitiveness
Author: Llewelyn-Davies and Professors David Banister and Sir Peter Hall, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London
Publication date: 30/01/2004
Source: DfT
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Summary of results

  1. The review was based on an extensive review of existing research. An expert panel was also convened, which was particularly beneficial in ensuring that the 'grey' literature was included in the review.