Project: Traveline Mystery Shopping: Trunk Journeys

Reference: UG499

Last update: 13/04/2006 15:29:30


The objective of this research project is to assess the quality and accuracy of trunk service information provided by the regional traveline journey planners compared to that from the coach and rail industry's own journey planning systems. In addition, this project will assess the cost of provision of providing journey information about trunk services through regional traveline centres.


This project builds on previous Mystery Shopping and on other projects (see UG227).

Enquiries to Traveline about journeys which are entirely on a long-distance carrier (eg on rail only, or on Go-by-Coach or Scottish City Link) are usually routed to the relevant carrier, and not dealt with by Traveline. However, it is important that where the journey has stages involving these national carriers, the Traveline information should be consistent with the advice they would receive from National Express, CityLink or ATOC. This project will explore a) whether advice is consistent and b) the quality of the advice given to Traveline callers.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £68,949.00

Actual start date: 15 January 2003

Actual completion date: 15 April 2005


Traveline-Standard of Trunk Journey Solutions
Author: The TAS Partnership Ltd
Publication date: 30/01/2005
Source: Transport Direct Web Site
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Summary of results

  1. Overall the results had improved from wave 1