Project: Roadside Weight Testing of Very Heavy Vehicles Carrying Abnormal and Indivisible Loads

Reference: S0028/VE

Last update: 09/09/2003 12:42:37


The two objectives or outputs required from this project are as follows:

1: Establish suitable portable weight testing equipment and procedures to test axle and gross weights of vehicles carrying abnormal and indivisible loads (AILS). Weight range 44-450+ tonnes.

2: Establish an alternative method of certifying load weights and identifying vehicle gross weights over 150 tonnes.

These two objectives fall within the overall aim of the DETR to ensure this country has the modern transport system it needs to achieve sustainable economic growth,
* with as little adverse impact as possible on the environment;
* in ways that ensure personal safety and give customers freedom of choice; and
* at a cost it can afford.


The movement of very large vehicles - in excess of 150 tonnes - is subject to specific route planning and authorisation so as to protect the road infrastructure and to ensure that bridges are not damaged due to excessive loading. There is concern, however, that some loads may exceed the gross vehicle weight, axle specific weights, or both. The solution to this is a straightforward enforcement issue, but the difficulty is that portable weighing equipment capable of assessing the extreme axle loads on these vehicles does not exist.

This project will explore the feasibility of a suitable device and consider the implications for transporting the device between check sites/locations.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £204,370.00

Actual start date: 14 September 2001

Expected completion date: 31 August 2004


PR/SE/601/02. Roadside Weight Testing of Very Heavy Vehicles. Phase 1 Report
Author: TRL Ltd
Publication date: 01/09/2002
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