Project: Improving Personal Casualty Data for Bus and Coach Accidents

Reference: S070P/VE

Last update: 11/12/2003 11:01:16


The project objectives are to:

* provide an analysis of bus, coach and minibus accidents involving fatal or serious injuries to occupants and non-occupants, identifying any accident patterns where suitable vehicle design improvements can lead to significant casualty savings; and
* highlight particular areas relating to bus coach and minibus casualty involvement where further specific research is required.


The Department co-funds an accident database in conjunction with various vehicle manufacturers. This collaborative programme has been on-going since 1983 and a comprehensive database is now held on a wide variety of accidents. This information is used by the vehicle manufacturers to aid vehicle design and by the department for detailed investigation either to guide policy or to address specific issues. This project provides for such investigations, with the first analysis conducted as part of an international study of front and side accidents in collaboration with the European Commission's review of the corresponding directives.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £48,850.00

Actual start date: 07 March 1996

Actual completion date: 31 December 1997


Improving Personal Casualty Data for Bus and Coach Accidents
Author: TRL Consortium
Publication date: 31/12/2000
Source: Contact

Summary of results

  1. The report concludes that for front impacts the test speed should be raised to provide wider coverage of accidents involving serious injury, that the neck injury criteria should be retained, and that vans should be included within the scope of the directive.

    For side impact the conclusions were less definite and identified where further work is required.

    The project is currently investigating the factors significant in upper leg and pelvis injuries.