Project: VC-COMPAT (TRL): Improvement of Vehicle Crash Compatibility Through the Development of Crash Test Procedures

Reference: S0215/VF

Last update: 08/01/2009 10:41:09


The main objectives of the proposal are to:

* develop test procedures to assess and control car to car frontal impact compatibility; and
* develop test procedures and performance criteria for the assessment of energy-absorbing front underrun protection for trucks and generate recommendations for improvements to existing rear underrun protection.


In 2000 in Great Britain, two-thirds of the road accident casualties were in cars or light goods vehicles. The occupants of these vehicles accounted for just over half of the fatalities and just under half of the seriously injured road accident casualties . The cost to society of these casualties was about £6.3 billion. About two thirds of these accidents were frontal with about 85 percent being an impact with another vehicle. To date, improvements in car safety have been identified as the single most effective way of reducing road accident casualties in Great Britain. In order to help the UK to meet its 2010 road accident casualty reduction targets, to provide further reductions beyond and fully realise the benefits that are being delivered by the frontal impact Directive (96/79/EC) and EuroNCAP, it is necessary to improve compatibility in vehicle to vehicle impacts. This includes car to car compatibility and car to truck compatibility otherwise known as truck under-run.

On behalf of the UK, TRL has been participating in the work of the European Enhanced Vehicle safety Committee (EEVC) Working Groups 14 and 15, studying car to truck and car to car crash compatibility, respectively. These two working groups have combined to submit a joint proposal, called VC-COMPAT, to the European Commission (EC) to obtain 5th Framework funding to further compatibility research.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £734,000.00

Actual start date: 01 March 2003

Actual completion date: 31 January 2008


Public deliverables for each work package of this programme are published on the VC-COMPAT website as they become available
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